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Educating Boys Sep 04, 2018

Choosing the right school for your son

Every school is different, and choosing the right school for your son and family can be intimidating. Raising Children suggests that it’s best to think about what will work best for your child’s personality, strengths, needs and interests.

Here we identify five key areas to address when choosing the right school for your son:

Features and specifics
There are many core attributes that vary from each school, including:

  • Public or private
  • Faith backgrounds and education
  • Co-educational or single-sex
  • Boarding and day school, or just day school
  • Teaching philosophies, for example Steiner, Montessori or mainstream
  • Class sizes

Do you agree with the school’s ethos and philosophy? It is critical that you agree with what the school will be teaching your child and their teaching methods. Ask about the school’s pastoral care program and enquire how they address bullying, wellbeing and mental health, as well as other issues that you feel your child may encounter while at school.

Location and cost
Investigate the fees and additional costs that may arise due to subject selections or co-curricular offerings. Are they affordable for your family? How will your child get to school each day – will you drive them, can they walk or will they catch public transport? My School can help you learn such details.

Facilities and opportunities
Ensure that the curricular and co-curricular programs at the school are aligned with your son’s strengths and interests. If your son is interested in engineering, ascertain the school’s focus on STEM; if your son is a keen sportsman, ask what sporting opportunities are available for him. Confirm that the school has the necessary facilities to support your son’s learning.

Parent and community involvement
Find out how the school communicates with parents and how you can be involved in school activities. If it is important to you that your son has a connection to the local community, ask how they engage with them and about any community events or programs the school gets involved in.

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