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Educating Boys Oct 15, 2018

Five ways to communicate effectively with your son’s teacher

Teachers play a significant role in your son’s life – educator, motivator, role model, caregiver, mentor and much more.

Often, they can give you another perspective on your son’s mental, physical and emotional health. Teachers can have a significant impact on his love of one subject over another, his overall success at school as well as his future. So, it’s important you work towards a positive relationship with your son’s teachers.

Empowering Parents reaffirms that effective communication is the key to all relationships. Here are five ways to communicate effectively with your son’s teachers:

  1. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the year and make time to attend parent/teacher sessions, parent days and events.
  2. You know your son better than anyone, so share your knowledge with his teachers. Provide useful information on his likes and dislikes, and what makes him ‘tick.’
  3. Like most of us, time is a scarce resource for teachers, so if you have a worry or issue you need to discuss, make an appointment to see your son’s teachers. Impromptu meetings before and after school are not ideal.
  4. A child’s behaviour can change quite dramatically when he is in a new environment or with different people. If your son’s teacher learns new things about your son, whether they are positive or negative, be open to hearing about them.
  5. Consider you and your son’s teachers as a team working together to help your son reach his full potential. If there is a problem at home or at school, speak with your son’s teachers.

Communicating effectively with your son’s teachers can have a great impact on your son’s experiences in the classroom and at school. Laura Flynn McCarthy suggests opening the lines of communication early and making an effort to be in contact regularly.

View our Pedagogy in Action handbook to discover how you can support and interact with the rhythms of your son’s learning.


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