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Educating Boys Apr 04, 2019

How a mentor can help your son

A mentor is an older, trusted adult in whom your son can confide, and who can be trusted to provide sound advice, guidance and encouragement. Sometimes it can be hard for children to talk to their parents about certain things.

A mentor can be beneficial to children in daily life, education and even their future careers as explored by Mentor. To be most effective, it’s important that you and your son trust the person who fills this role. The mentor should have a lot in common with your son, so they can discuss problems or frustrations, and get suggestions from someone who’s dealt with similar challenges.

Six ways in which a mentor can help your son include:

  1. Raise self-esteem.
  2. Better performance at school.
  3. Play a priceless role in reinforcing truth and saying things that parents can’t.
  4. Challenge thinking.
  5. Push your son to excellence, to think bigger about life, push harder and strive for more.
  6. Promote strong communication skills by challenging your son to articulate his ideas.

It’s important to find a mentor who’s a good fit for your son. Start by considering people you already know – a neighbour, family friend, coach/teacher, or relatives often make a great choice. Think about your child’s interests and who could engage with them. Mentoring Programs, like Expand Education, can match your child with a suitable mentor.

A mentor can play a valuable role in your son’s life. A good mentor will not diminish a parent’s role, but enhance it by reinforcing family values and encouraging your son to honor his relationship with his parents.

At Christ Church Grammar School, our Pastoral care program engenders a sense of belonging and encourages collaborative effort. Our ‘vertical’ House system provides boys with role models and mentors to help him throughout his learning journey at the School.


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