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Health & Wellbeing Apr 23, 2019

How music in everyday life supports positive mental health

Maintaining good mental health is a continuous process for everyone and we need to develop different coping strategies for when life gets tricky and emotions intensify. Music has been found to have many positive effects on mood, mental health and wellbeing, making it a great addition to your son’s daily routine.

Reach out define the main benefits of incorporating music into everyday life as:

  • Supporting relaxation and signifying time to unwind
  • Elevating positive mood and encouraging motivation to tackle activities
  • Increasing focus and efficiency of brain processing

Music triggers the production of chemicals in our brain; endorphins and dopamine. This leads to optimism and energy, whilst also providing a form of pain relief to change and lift our mood, particularly when participated in. Being involved with music helps adolescents unlock difficult emotions and gives them a platform to express them. Playing an instrument, song and poetry writing, and listening to music are all part of music therapy which helps boys reduce and recognise negative emotions.

Carmen Cheong-Clinch from the Australian Music Therapy Association concludes that, “At a broader community level, making or listening to music together can help break through social, cultural and health barriers.”

Here are ways music in every day life can support positive mental health for your son:

  • Playing classical music in the background whilst studying to improve focus
  • Making his own music to unlock creativity and provide an outlet for expressing emotions
  • Using his favourite, up beat songs before and during an activity to encourage motivation to complete
  • Listening to music with friends, sharing playlists or joining music events, clubs or classes

At Christ Church we take Music very seriously and provide many ways for our boys to get involved through classes, programs and performances. Discover how we encourage positive mental health through music for the Preparatory and Senior School.


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