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Health & Wellbeing Jan 23, 2019

What kids need these holidays

As parents we often start thinking about activities for the school holidays, believing we need to keep kids busy.

Our daily lives are so busy and it’s easy to continue this ‘busyness’ into the holidays, however it is also a wonderful time for our kids to rest, and allow their minds and bodies time to repair and strengthen ready for the next school term that comes around incredibly quickly.

As parents, we often control the pace of life and by helping and encouraging our kids to slow down, they will have the opportunity to integrate the learnings gained from school or kindergarten and be better prepared for what’s ahead.

Here are some simple ideas to consider these holidays:

Switch off the screens
Some screen time is fine, however too much time playing computer games or using hand held devices and surfing the web drains your kids’ energy and lowers their coping ability. Find a balance – include screen time punctuated with an outdoor activity that engages the mind and includes movement.

Don’t plan to do too much
When kids energy levels are low, children experience the feeling of being unable to cope. The holidays are a great time to relax, recharge and do things as a family. Take a leisurely walk, play Jenga or start a Monopoly game, plan a movie night or relax and read together.

Enjoy the outdoors
Kids have lots of energy and there are many ways to balance the need to be active and outdoors, exercising and importantly – be together.  A walk along the beach and swim, a visit to a national park and BBQ, plant something and watch it grow, create a simple treasure hunt, discover camping!

By considering one or more of the above ideas, you can increase the engagement with your kids, and allow them to find a balance between activity and rest. And importantly, enjoy the holidays together.


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